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Flat Cable Solutions is the one stop shop for anything related to flat cable processing and assemblies. If you need to do something to a flat ribbon cable contact us. We are the experts that can tell you how to do it and get you pointed in the right direction. Let us help you get where you need to be with our value added wire & cable products.

Value Added Services

We can offer you choices from raw cable to complete assemblies to anything in between. Cut, strip, notch, separate, tin, or terminate we do it all. And often times at a cost much lower than expected.

Tooling and Machines

If you have your own production facility we can supply you tools such as Notchers and Separators manufactured by our parent AG Devices of Colorado Inc. From our best selling 5250 separator to custom built solutions we are the experts when it comes to designing solutions for flat cable processing.

In short, we can sell you the tooling you need to get the job done, do the job for you, or provide anything in between. No matter your needs we are the first stop for your flat cable solutions.

We also sell the QuickProbe SMD line of tools and accessories manufactured by our parent corporation AG Devices of Colorado Inc. The QuickProbe is an inexpensive versatile tool to make accurate and stable connections for SMD testing.