Flat Ribbon Cable Notchers

A flat ribbon cable notcher is used to remove the material between the conductors on a webbed flat ribbon cable. This is typically done to allow termination with an IDC connector.  It  also  increases  the flexibility of the cable.

Here at Flat Cable Solutions, we offer two flat ribbon cable notcher models. Both models are manufactured by our parent company AG Devices of Colorado Inc.  These tools are capable of notching the end of your cable to allow termination with an IDC connector. If you require mid cable notching we can provide that to you by way of our value added services.

8200 Hand Operated Cable Notcher( flat cable processing equipment)

8200 Hand Notcher

Simple, inexpensive hand operated notcher. Interchangeable tooling for standard cables.
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9200 Pneumatic Ribbon Cable Notcher(cable processing equipment)

9200 Pneumatic Notcher

Pneumatic-operated notcher for production applications. Interchangeable tooling, foot pedal control included.

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Before you invest in cable processing equipment, we want to be sure it will produce a finished cable that meets your needs.  To configure your cable tool, we need to know what cable you have and what you want to do it. To help with this process, please download our Cable Prep Worksheet(standard or webbed), or call us with the information at 970-835-4800.