QuickProbe SMD Probe

QuickProbe is an inexpensive and versatile tool to make accurate and stable connections in SMD testing. Position your probe precisely where you want it. And it stays there. No more improvised probe stands or home-made solder leads that damage boards or fall apart in the middle of a test. If you’re trying to position a probe on microvias, QFPs, TSOPs, SOICs, MSOPs, or any other fine pitch, high density surface mount devices, QuickProbe is the third hand you wish you had.
  • Inexpensive!
  • Position your probe precisely where you want it on the test point. And it stays there.
  • Probe adjacent contacts with ease and accuracy
  • Optional heads for differential measurements, or direct mounting of standard oscilloscope probes.

QuickProbe shown in typical use with oscilloscope probe attached.
QuickProbe Options and Accessories
Options and accessories can make your QuickProbe even more useful and easier to use  –  dual test point heads, high current heads, and probe mounts that hold popular oscilloscope probes.
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Ordering Information
You can order QuickProbes and accessories directly from us, via postal mail, e-mail, telephone, or fax.  Contact us.
Or, for fast & convenient on-line ordering, visit  www.ezprobe.com
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Standard QuickProbe Head
The standard QuickProbe includes the basic probe head, shown at left.  Position the probe tip on the circuit test point, and attach your oscilloscope probe to the connection post at the top.  This versatile design satisfies most typical test requirements.
Included with standard QuickProbe
at N/C
Optional Heads and Mounts
These heads and mounts replace the standard head shown above.  The part numbers and prices shown below do not include the basic QuickProbe QP02000 which should be ordered separately.
The “Viper” – Dual Test Point Head
If you need to make simultaneous measurements on two test points, such as for differential measurements, it can be a little tricky getting two probes in position, especially if the test points are close together, like adjacent pins.  The “Viper” head has two probe tips, so two oscilloscope probes can be used with a single QuickProbe arm.  Spacing is readily adjustable from 0.020″ to 0.180″ (0.5 to 4.5mm).
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10 Amp QuickProbe Head
This head works just like the standard QuickProbe, but can handle higher current signals, up to 10 Amps.
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Probe Mounts/Holders
We offer a variety of probe mounts designed to hold the most popular oscilloscope probes.  These mounts allow you to position the probe tip directly on the test point.  The table below lists probe mounts currently available.  If you don’t see your probe in the table below, we can create a custom mount for your probe.  If you have any questions about which probe mount is suitable for your probe, please contact us.
Oscilloscope Probe Probe Mount with probe * Part Number
Tektronix P6245 QPT6245
Tektronix P6246 QPT6246
Tektronix P6240 QPT6240
Pomona 3ACAT3 QP3ACAT3
LeCroy LAP033 QPAP033
1) Mounts do not include oscilloscope probe.
2) Part numbers and prices shown do not include the standard QuickProbe, which must be ordered separately.
Ordering Information
For quick convenient online ordering of the QuickProbe and QuickProbe accessories visitwww.ezprobe.com. If you would like to order direct please feel free to contact us.
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