Flat Ribbon Cable Separators/Splitters

Separators, sometimes called splitters, are used to physically separate the conductors of a flat ribbon cable without damaging the insulation. We offer four different AG Devices of Colorado tooling solutions and would be happy to make recommendations depending on your specific needs.

3260 Flat Cable Separator(cable processing equipment)

3260 Separator for Flat Ribbon Cable

Motor-driven separator for production applications. Separates any length of cable up to 3″(75mm) wide at speeds up to 2″(50mm) per second.

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4250 Flat Cable Separator(cable processing tool)

4250 Separator Jr for Flat Ribbon Cable

Versatile, bench-mounted, hand-operated separator for cable up to 3″(75mm) wide.

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5250 Flat Cable Lit'l Separator(cable processing equipment)

5250 Lit’l Separator for Flat Ribbon Cable

Bench-mounted, hand-operated separator for cable up to 1.3″(33mm) wide, or up to 2.5″(63mm) with 2 passes.

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SL-3 Slitz It Flat Cable Separator(cable processing tool)SL-3 Slitz-It Flat Ribbon Cable Separator

Simple, inexpensive hand tool ideal for making prototype cable assemblies. For cable up to 3″(75mm) wide.

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Before you invest in cable processing equipment, we want to be sure it will produce a finished cable that meets your needs.  To configure your cable tool, we need to know what material you are working with and what processes you require. To help with this, please download our Cable Prep Worksheet(standard or webbed), call us with the information, or use our online Quote Request form.