3260 Separator for Flat Ribbon Cable


  • The 3260 Separator for Flat Ribbon Cable is a motor-driven separator for all types of flat/ribbon cable.  The tooling (discs & spacers) mechanically programs the 3260 to separate cable into individual conductors, or into pairs or group of conductors. For example, 0.025″ centerline, 68 conductor SCSI cables can be separated into pairs for flexibility or bundling purposes.  Please contact us with your cable requirements so we can advise what tooling you need for your machine.



  • Separate any length of flat cable, up to 3″ (75mm) wide
  • Variable operating speed with foot-pedal speed control
  • Separate at speeds up to 2″ (50mm) per second
  • Separate cable into individual conductors, pairs, or groups of conductors
  • Interchangeable tooling for standard pitch cables
  • Custom tooling available – contact us
  • Ideal for production applications


  • cable width 3″ (76mm) maximum
  • power 115 or 230 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • size
    main unit  12″x15″x8″  (305x381x203 mm)
    foot control   10″x5″x5″  (254x127x127 mm)
  • weight
    main unit  25 lbs   (11.3 Kg)
    foot control   5 lbs  (2.3 Kg)


3260 Pricing

Part #DescriptionNotesPrice in USD
3260Model 3260 Cable SeparatorTooling not included (Specify 110V or 220V)$4,026.75
3260-22/0.050Model 3250/3260 Comb (For 0.050" Pitch Cable)$47.25
3260-22/0.100Model 3250/3260 Comb (For 0.100" Pitch Cable)$47.25
3260-22/1mmModel 3250/3260 Comb (For 1mm Pitch Cable)$47.25
D025-NFStandard Disc 0.025" Pitch, No Flat$19.43
D025-WFStandard Disc 0.025" Pitch, With Flat$21.00
D050-NFStandard Disc 0.050" Pitch, No Flat$18.38
D050-WFStandard Disc 0.050" Pitch, With Flat$19.43
D1mm-NFStandard Disc 1mm Pitch, No Flat$18.90
D1mm-WFStandard Disc 1mm Pitch, With Flat$19.95
DCSTCustom Discs (Contact Factory for Price)Price will vary as needed for custom ordersCall
SS05Shaft Spacer, 0.050" Long$15.75
SS1Shaft Spacer, 0.100" Long$15.75
SS10Shaft Spacer, 1.000" Long$15.75
SS10Custom Shaft Spacer (Contact Factory for Price)Call
SS2Shaft Spacer, 0.200" Long$10.50
SS3Shaft Spacer, 0.300" Long$15.75
SS4Shaft Spacer, 0.400" Long$15.75
SS5Shaft Spacer, 0.500" Long$15.75

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