5250 Lit’l Separator for Flat Ribbon Cable


  • The 5250 Lit’l Separator for Flat Ribbon Cable is a hand-operated separator for flat cables up to 1.3″ (33mm) wide.  (Wider cable can be flipped and run through the 5250 in a second pass, to separate cable up to 2.5″ (64mm) wide.)  Tooling is interchangeable on the 5250, so you can readily change it to handle different cables.  Tooling is available for most standard cable sizes.


  • Small, bench-mount, hand operated
  • Portable
  • Interchangeable tooling for different pitch cables
  • Separates cable up to 1.30″ (33mm) wide, or
    up to 2.5″ (64mm) with two passes
  • Separates up to 4.5″ (115mm) length from cable end




  • cable width 1.30″ (33mm) maximum, per pass.
  • size 10″x7″x2.5″  (254x178x64 mm)
  • weight 5 lbs  (2.3 Kg)


5250 Demo

5250 Maintenance

5250 Pricing

Part #DescriptionNotesPrice in USD
5250Model 5250 Lit'l SeparatorTooling not included$624.75
D050-NFStandard Disc 0.050" Pitch, No Flat$18.38
D1mm-NFStandard Disc 1mm Pitch, No Flat$18.90
DCSTCustom Discs (Contact Factory for Price)Price will vary as needed for custom ordersCall
SS05Shaft Spacer, 0.050" Long$15.75
SS1Shaft Spacer, 0.100" Long$15.75
SS10Shaft Spacer, 1.000" Long$15.75
SS10Custom Shaft Spacer (Contact Factory for Price)Call
SS2Shaft Spacer, 0.200" Long$10.50
SS3Shaft Spacer, 0.300" Long$15.75
SS4Shaft Spacer, 0.400" Long$15.75
SS5Shaft Spacer, 0.500" Long$15.75

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